Should You Get a Full Patent Right Away?

The answer is NO. Why? Because the important words were "Full Patent." What do we mean by 'Full Patent'? A full patent can either be a Utility or a Design patent. Your invention is not ready for a full patent yet. Here's why:

          *** It's too early in the invention process if you're just starting out. Think of this, is your invention EXACTLY the way you want it to be? Probably not yet because it will be going through many changes as you tweak it, modify it add to it and work on it to make it perfect.

         *** If you get a full patent too soon before it is perfected, your patent will practically be useless.

The good news is...there is a better way to start to protect your invention. It's called a "Provisional Application for Patent" sometimes referred to as a PPA.


The PPA has many benefits:











It is important to have both of the following PPA services completed:

1. A Preliminary Patent Search                     

2. A Preliminary PPA Evaluation

3. A written report of the results

Inventor Education Academy provides these first step services for only $197

Preliminary Patent Search: A search will be conducted of the United States Patent and Trademark Office of existing patents that most closely relate to your invention. Based on the results of the search, we look to make sure that you are not going to be infringing on someone else's existing patent.


Preliminary Provisional Application for Patent: A thorough evaluation of ypur invention to determine whether you can obtain a Provisional Application for Patent or not.

Written Report: You will receive a complete written report detailing the results of both the search and the PPA evaluation. All this for only $197 


Lower Costs than a Utilty or Design Patent

Inventor can save as much as 75% over the cost of a Utility or Design Ppatent

Once filed... Immediate Patent Pending

Quick and easy to file. Once filed invention is 'patent pending'

It Lasts for a total of twelve Months

A full year's worth of patent pending protection. Can then be upgraded to a Utilty patent.

Gives Inventor Time to Work on the Invention

You will be working on all the details to finalize your invention to make it perfect.